Top 10 Things To Do

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Be inspired by our Top 10 Things To Do in Smederevo – from walking tours to gardens, there's something for everyone.

1. Take a walking tour of the city to gather your bearings! Explore the church of Saint George, one of the largest churches of the 19th century in Serbia and learn about the general history of the city.

2. Visit Smederevo Fortress, the largest plain fortification in Europe, which was a medieval fortified city and temporary capital of Serbia in the Middle Ages. It is a triangular fort with 25 towers.

3. Don't miss The Church of the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God dated from 15th century. Archaeological excavations conducted in 1982 showed that the church was built on the site of an older necropolis.

park near the centre for culture

4. Take a tour of our wine regions to learn about where your favorite Smederevo wine comes from. Smederevka, named after the town of Smederevo, is the leading grape variety and the traditional symbol of the region's viticulture.

5. Visit the "history of the town" museum with artefacts dating from Roman times. The exhibited museum treasure of the Smederevo Museum, with the help of the words of museum curator, offers visitors the opportunity to revive history and to get ideas about the richness and unpredictability of the history of this region on these foundations.

6. Take a cruise! There is nothing more relaxing than taking a cruise down the Danube River. It's the perfect summer's day activity for all ages to enjoy!

7. Visit the City Library, one of the oldest cultural institution in Smederevo, established in 1846.

8. Take a tour of the Golden Hill Villa, a one-time summer residence of the Obrenovic royal dynasty, which is situated in the most beautiful part of the town, on a hill turned northwards, towards The Danube and the Banat plains.

9. Wine City is not to be missed. This ethno-place, with its barrels shaped like houses, even has streets bearing names of the wines for which this region was famous from the ancient times.

10. Enjoy Your Trip to the Fullest visiting the Republic Square, a meeting place, rest and entertainment among city’s youth and senior citizens. With its historical continuity, triangular urban form and representative heritage, it shows the identity of the town itself and together with the Fortress expresses its recognizable profile.

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