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The Museum in Smederevo was created thanks to the enthusiasts of cultural life in Smederevo, who rescued the heritage of the city of Smederevo from oblivion by collecting items which preserve the memory of old times. They were the pioneers whose tireless work on the collection, storage, scientific processing and presentation of heritage, firmly established the operations of the Museum in Smederevo in the local community.

Based on the decision of the City National Council of Smederevo on April 12, 1950 the Smederevo Museum was established. Svetozar Spasojevic, a retired collector and professor of Smederevo Grammar school, was named as the first manager and the only part-time employee of the Museum. By statute, this institution is a museum of a complex type and territorially covered the Smederevo district, and today covers the territory of the City of Smederevo.

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The collection of antiques of Smederevo Grammar school and confiscated private collection of Milan Jovanovic Stojimirovic served as a basis for the establishment of the Museum in Smederevo.

Over time, the museum collection was enriched, so that the Smederevo Museum now has a very large number of objects. Because of the variety of the objects, which are stored and exhibited in the Museum, as well as the dynamic and rich history of Smederevo and this area, the Smederevo Museum has an importance that goes beyond the narrow confines of local history.

The finest exhibits are thematically and chronologically shown in the permanent exhibition of the Museum in three halls and the Lapidarium, so that the history of Smederevo be traced from prehistory through ancient times, the Middle Ages, and until the mid-twentieth century. In the permanent exhibition halls, a number of interesting objects can be seen that are the testimonies of the turbulent times that are behind us, of the continued exciting development of material and spiritual culture of the inhabitants of this region over the centuries. The exhibited museum treasure of the Smederevo Museum, with the help of the words of our museum curator, offers visitors the opportunity to revive history and to get ideas about the richness and unpredictability of the history of this region on these foundations.

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The first hall of the permanent exhibition presents the diverse materials that testify about the earliest historical periods presented by a part of the paleontological collection, about the prehistoric era, and the rise and fall of the famous Roman civilization in this region. The Lapidarium is the part of the museum where, in open air, Roman, Greek, Turkish and Serbian medieval monuments are exhibited, a monoxyl boat (ladva), and other items documenting the development of the material culture of the region through the ages.

The second hall is mostly devoted to the medieval period of Smederevo and its environment, especially to the time of the Despots, primarily because of the great importance that Smederevo had as a former Serbian capital and a witness to the glory and the fall of the last independent Serbian medieval state.

The third hall houses the exhibits which date back to the centuries long Ottoman rule, the period of the First Serbian Uprising, the creation of the modern Serbian state, the Obrenovic dynasty, NOB (National Liberation Struggle), as well as exhibits from the ethnological collection.

Smederevo Museum is open to visitors from Tuesday to Friday (10 am to 5 pm), Saturday and Sunday (10 am to 3 pm). Closed on Monday.


Omladinska 4, 11300 Smederevo


+381 26 4622-138 and +381 26 4623-439



Tickets for The Smederevo Museum

Adults: 100 dinars

Concession Ticket: 70 dinars (This price is valid for groups that have at least 15 visitors)

For children up to 7 years admission is free.

Admission is free for teachers and tour guides in the function of the leader of group visits.

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