Wine City

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Wine city is a certain feast of wine and grapes, first started during the program of 122nd Smederevo Autumn (2009). This attractive wine festival has a competitive nature and brought together owners of wine cellars from Smederevo and the surroundings, who offer their products to visitors. This ethno-place, called Wine city, with its barrels shaped like houses, even has streets bearing names of the wines for which this region was famous from the ancient times.

In the third century AD, Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius Probus planted the first grapevine on Mons Aureus, also known as Golden Hill, above the village of Oresac, on the bank of Danube, as well as in the area of Jugovo, Redut, Cirilovac, on the slopes of the Petrijevo stream and all other terrains suitable for grapevine.

One of the most famous Smederevo winegrowers was certainly the Prince and ruler of Serbia in the first half of the 19th century, Milos Obrenovic, who cultivated a noble grapevine on a site known today as Plavinac.

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Aware of the nobility of the crop which came from their vineyards, Smederevo winegrowers first boasted their grapes and high quality wine in 1889. Since then, with short interruptions, every autumn an agricultural exhibition was organized in Smederevo, glorifying grapes and wine.

The houses in Wine city are built from authentic barrels, hundreds of years old (suited for the feast), and are also exhibits. Fairy-tale look, archaic materials and techniques used in the "adaptation" of the object will make a part of time almost lost in history come back to life before your eyes.

The intent of the city is to contribute to the revitalization of vineyards and the increasing of wine production at this God given area for the cultivation of grapevine. Winemakers – the citizens of Wine city and their guests have the chance to go back to the not too distant past, which in a way represents the heritage and legacy of Smederevo and Serbia from the 18th and 19th century. The city of Smederevo wants to bring back the title of the famous vineyard, the "Smederevka" brand name and the reputation of top quality wine producers.

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