The Program Of The Wine Tour

wine tour in Smederevo

– reception at the gates of the Big town of the Smederevo fortress (tour of the Big and Small town with a professional tour guide). Price 120.00 RSD per person with the included tour guide service (for groups of 15 or more people)

– possibility of organizing a cruise on the Danube. Price depending on the number of passengers

– tour of the Smederevo Museum, presentation of the objects from the 15th century found in the Smederevo fortress and also the possibility to see the permanent exhibition related to the First Serbian Uprising and the Second World War. Price of visit for groups of 15 or more people 70.00 RSD, and for individual visits 100.00 RSD

Vineyard in Smederevo

– tour of the city’s main square, exploring the main city square and learning about the cultural and historic monuments in it (the Church of Saint George, Monument to the fallen warriors in the First world war, the building of the old municipal house, the Gallery of Modern Art, Smederevo Grammar school)

– tour of the Wine city in the vicinity of the square where winegrowers from Smederevo exhibit their wines in authentic objects shaped like barrels, where visitors can taste and buy wines at reasonable prices from 150.00 – 200.00 RSD per liter

– visit to wineries: "Dionis" in Dobri Do, "Janko" in Plavinac or "Ilic" in Vodanj with the tasting of wine and food in authentic facilities

– tasting of 6 types of wine – 350.00 RSD per person

– tasting of 6 types of wine with different types of cheese – 700.00 RSD per person

– tasting of 6 types of wine with lunch – 1500.00 RSD per person

– tasting of 2 types of rakija (brandy) and 4 types of wine in the tasting hall: 350.00 RSD per person

– tasting of 2 types of rakija (brandy) and 5 types of wine in the tasting hall with refreshments (savory and sweet pies, cheeses, smoked meat) – 600.00 RSD per person

– tasting of wine and rakija (brandy) with appropriate refreshments: homemade pies, smoked meat, cheese etc. If you desire tasting with the refreshments the price is 700.00 RSD. As agreed for a complete menu the prices are formed depending on the type of menu.

The winery capacities are: "Dionis" – 40 people, "Janko" – 50 people, "Ilic" – 50 people.

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