About Us

If you are planning to visit Smederevo, go to first. This is where you will find everything you want to know about Smederevo so you'll have the perfect holiday. is self-initiated project and Smederevo's tourism information website providing comprehensive information to inspire holidaymakers to visit the city of Smederevo, the city of wine, assist with trip planning and offer the most up to date relevant information to you during your stay. We work to ensure that our visitors experience the very best of Smederevo and that the city makes the most of its outstanding tourism assets and realises its potential.

To do this, SmederevoWelcome:

  • markets Smederevo to all parts of the world to attract visitors.
  • provides information and inspiration to visitors and potential visitors so they get the best out of a visit to Smederevo.
  • provides quality assurance to visitors.

Our mission is to bring regional, national and international business and leisure visitors to Smederevo for the economic benefit of the City, the community and our membership.