Where is Smederevo

Republic square in Smederevo

Many people have questions about Smederevo, we answer the most important ones below, so you can know everything you need to know about the city of wine.

Where is Smederevo located in Serbia?

Many visitors ask the question, where is Smederevo actually located. The city of Smederevo is located in central Serbia, on the right bank of the Danube river, only 45 kilometers (28 miles) downstream of the capital Belgrade and it s the administrative center of the Podunavski district.

It doesn't take long to get to Smederevo from all major cities. To reach Smederevo from Belgrade there are at least a dozen or so buses a day (every 30 minutes) from the Lasta bus station.

What to do in Smederevo?

There are many things to do in the city of wine, get started with our guide for first time visitors. Stay in some of the city's hotels, visit the "history of the town" museum with artefacts dating from Roman times or check out one of Smederevo's many top attractions.

There are also plenty of festivals and events in Smederevo to be discovered throughout the year, or take one of Smederevo's tours and trips and allow experts to guide you through the city.

When to visit Smederevo?

Smederevo is the perfect place to visit all year round, as there is so much to do and to see. In autumn and winter, stay indoors and take in a museum or gallery. Spring and summer are perfect for enjoying in Smederevo Fortress, one of the largest lowland fortresses in Europe or enjoying a drink in the sun at one of Smederevo’s top bars and restaurants.

How big is the city of Smederevo?

There are about 120,000 inhabitants living on the territory of Smederevo, about 84,000 of which live within the city and its outskirts. The population density of the municipality in 2006 was 243.27 inhabitants per km.

What Time Zone is Smederevo?

Smederevo and Serbia are in the CET (Central European Time) zone, same as most of Europe (Excluding Britain, Portugal, Romania and Greece) – UTC+1. In summer the Daylight Saving Time (DST) moves it to CEST – UTC+2.

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