Discover Smederevo

Welcome to Smederevo, a fascinating city. Thanks to its charms, Smederevo has become a very popular holiday destination. This is a city full of surprises and dotted with charming corners that certainly leave an impression.

Both the most popular locations, and the less frequented ones, enchant the visitor. No corner of Smederevo should be left unexplored. Discover why!

The City of Smederevo

About Smederevo

The city of Smederevo is located in central Serbia, it is the administrative center of the Podunavski district and it covers an area of 481.5 km.

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Lasta Bus Station

Getting to Smederevo

To reach Smederevo from Belgrade there are at least a dozen or so buses a day, every 30 minutes, from the Lasta bus station.

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Smederevo Fortress


Discover a city of rich culture and history. The symbol of the city is Smederevo fortress, the largest lowland medieval fortress in Europe.

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Fortress theatre festival in Smederevo


Smederevo is a festival city and there is a diverse and eclectic mix throughout the calendar year. Discover the Smederevo festival for you!

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Smederevo fortress tours

Tours and Trips

The Guided Walking Tours are a fascinating and entertaining way to explore and learn about this unique city, its history, famous people and odd traditions.

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Smederevos Vineyards

Smederevo's Vineyards

Up to the middle of the 20th century, a characteristic site from the area around Smederevo was the many vineyards in which were built humble vineyard houses.

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Smederevo fortress explosion

June 5th 1941 Explosion

On June 5th 1941 in 14 hours and 14 minutes there was a powerful explosion of stored ammunition in the Fortress, unexplained to this day.

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