Centre for Culture

Centre for Culture

Smederevo Centre for Culture is a cultural center in Smederevo, which deals with film screenings, organizing theater performances, concerts, lectures, book readings, panel discussions, exhibitions, seminars, courses, symposia, fashion shows, festivals, events and other. Centre For Culture was established in 1982. as a Cultural Center, based on the act that brought the SIZ of Culture of the Municipality of Smederevo. From April in 2001. the name was changed to the Centre for Culture.

The complex of the Centre For Culture are:

– Large (Universal) Hall of the Cultural Center with 700 seats (stalls with 544 seats and a balcony with 156 seats). Area stage is 2000 m2. The stage and the orchestra has a surface of 60 m2, with an orchestra of 50 members.

– Concert Hall with a capacity of 203 seats. Area stage is 60 m2, with a piano on the stage.

– Cinema hall with 250 seats, a stage area of ​​90 m2.

– The gallery space of 400 m2.

– Seven wardrobe room.

– Art Studio (equipped with 3 graphic presses).

– Ballet gymnasium with dressing.

– Studio for graphic design.

– Studio for sound and light.

– And other work and extra space


Karadjordjeva 7, 11300 Smederevo


+381 26 4624-815 and +381 64 829-5345



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