The Golden Hill Villa Tour

the golden hill villa tour

The Golden Hill Villa, the former summer mansion of the Serbian ruling Obrenovic dynasty, occupies a special position in Smederevo’s cultural and historical herritage. It is one of the most significant symbols of Smederevo as the witness of the court culture development in modern Serbia, but also as the representative of the soicalistic Yugoslavia.

Today the Golden Hill Villa perserves invaluable objects, among them: the dresser (18th century), a table for playing cards (1860), chess table (1840), music-stand with royal coat of arms (19th century), china dishes, and among the pieces of art, the queen Natalia Obrenovic's portrait done by Stevan Todorovic is representational as well as a series of photographies made by our first photographer, Anastas Jovanovic.

Visit to the Golden Hill Villa is possible by confirmed booking. The visit is a guided tour of approximately 60 minutes, guided by the villa’s expert guides. Tours are available on Tuesdays and Saturdays, from the 1st of April until the 1st of October, in Serbian and English. During the summer season visitors are numerous, so it is advisable to contact Smederevo Tourist Information Centre as early as possible.

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