Nusic's Days

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In the name of glory of The Great Serbian Comedian Branislav Nusic, this unique manifestation in the country gathers the admirers of Nusic’s humor, theater ensembles, theatre critics and national and international writers, more then 25 years.

Festival "Nusic’s Days" was launched in 1984. in Smederevo, with the aim of popularizing great comedy works of Branislav Nusic, which is an important part of life (childhood and adolescence) spent in Smederevo.

Nusic actualization of our time was achieved primarily theatrical performances, conferences, forums, exhibitions, publications, specialized children's programs and the introduction of the Lifetime Achievement Award actor - comedian.

The Nusic's Days Festival is held every April in Centre for Culture.


Karadjordjeva 7, 11300 Smederevo


+381 26 4624-815 and +381 64 829-5345



Ticket prices vary depending on the performances and the location of the seats.

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