WWI Monument

the monument to soldiers who fought in wwi photo 1

The monument to soldiers who fought in WWI is located on the main city square, very close to the Church of St. George. In World War I, Smederevo was the site of one of the greatest battles and the grand victory of the Serbian army, on Mitrovdan (Nov. 8th) 1914.

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The old cemetery of Smederevo

The Old Cemetery

This is a memorial complex, whose heart is made up of the church from the 15th century, the chapel of Dina Mancic and a memorial charnel-house with a belfry.

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june 5th 1941 monument

June 5th 1941 Monument

The monument dedicated to the victims of the June 5th 1941 explosion is placed near the train station and the Smederevo Fortress, as a reminder of all those who were killed.

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