Smederevo Restaurants

Whilst out and about in the city take some time to discover our fantastic Smederevo restaurants. Wherever you are in the city you'll find something delicious just waiting to be devoured, whatever your tastes and budget.

Let your senses be amazed by some of Smederevo restaurants and enjoy some of our locally sourced produce. Many of Smederevo restaurants offer meals made with top quality local produce and serve seasonal menus.

restaurant Terasa

Restaurant Terasa

Comfort and friendliness of the staff are guaranteed, and particularly good kitchen, where you can taste the most delicious dishes in Smederevo.

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restaurant Talismano

Restaurant Talismano

The Restaurant Talismano is the restaurant of first class food in Smederevo which will satisfy all your tastes with a pleasant atmosphere of the environment.

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restaurant Imperijal

Restaurant Imperijal

Near the banks of the Danube river is the Restaurant Imperijal, modern interior and friendly staff are there to brighten every moment spent in our restaurant.

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restaurant Perfeto

Restaurant Perfeto

The Restaurant Perfeto offers all kinds of river fish food and for those who are not fans of fish restaurant offers dishes from the grill and other specialties.

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restaurant Pogled

Restaurant Pogled

Outstanding natural beauty make the restaurant Pogled a place where you want to get the morning coffee and relax the eyes and soul.

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restaurant Vila Jugovo S

Restaurant Vila Jugovo S

Overlooking the Danube river, in the restaurant Vila Jugovo S, you will enjoy the pleasant atmosphere, high quality and rich assortment of food and drinks.

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restaurant Brvnara

Restaurant Brvnara

Only five kilometers away from the city of Smederevo restaurant Brvnara is situated on the most beautiful part of the Danube river coast.

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restaurant Barik

Restaurant Barik

The Restaurant Barik is the place to taste the specialties of international cuisine with an emphasis on the use of local and fresh seasonal produce.

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restaurant Vinceia

Restaurant Vinceia

The restaurant Vinceia, located near the Smederevo Fortress, is suitable for all kinds of private celebrations and festivities, with a capacity of up to 150 guests.

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restaurant and pub Bavaria

Restaurant & Pub Bavaria

The Restaurant & Pub Bavaria offers great quality, affordably priced fresh food and drink, a warm Smederevo welcome and fantastic customer service.

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restaurant Beerland

Restaurant Beerland

Separated from the city noise, the restaurant and pub Beerland offers a large selection of international and local food along with good Wine, Beers and drinks.

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restaurant park

Restaurant Park

For food lovers, the restaurant Park offers a menu with different types of dishes, soup, barbecue and everything else you need for a good bit.

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