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International multimedia festival Patosoffiranje, also called “Forever young festival”, started in 2005, gathers young theater artists of the Alternative theatres from the Europe.

PATOS Theatre gathers young theatre practitioners around research and innovative theatre projects, often realized in cooperation or partnership with professional theatre companies in the country and abroad.

PATOS Theatre is the only performing arts group in Smederevo which functions on permanent basis. Workshops are held all through the year, resulting in productions. PATOS Theatre gathers app. 35 young people and a dozen of professional artists.

Members of PATOS are involved not only in artistic process, but also in organization of the international festival PATOSoffIRANJE and other programmes produced by the Cultural Centre. Members of PATOS Theatre form a strong spine line of new urban culture in Smederevo, as a base for cultural work and criteria in the future.

The Patosoffiranje Festival is held every July in Centre for Culture.


Karadjordjeva 7, 11300 Smederevo


+381 26 4624-815 and +381 64 829-5345



Event: Free

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